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  Take your team with you
  on a hike to the top

Implementing complex changes successfully and sustainably with a motivated and dedicated team: we will empower you with professional change management and targeted communication.

Large projects, ERP implementations, mergers, restructuring, digitization processes, changes in the business model: complex projects involve many people and have to take a number of perspectives into account. Resistance and delays can throw the project and budget out of sync.

Pragmatic and agile, tailored to your needs: integrating and informing all stakeholders in a goal-oriented and professional manner is what change management is all about.

We will empower your management team and your employees during the change process and help to skilfully balance the ups and downs of the change process:

  • Your managers will implement the right leadership and communication measures in this special situation with the help of targeted workshops.
  • Tried and tested methods enable employees to participate pragmatically: this is where you benefit from our communication and management skills.
  • Together we will develop the appropriate communication strategy for your company.
  • We will make the success of the measures quantifiable with easy-to-use key performance indicators.

I have experienced the phase5 consultants in strategic projects as very committed project managers who have brought their industry-specific expertise to many areas.

Andreas Buttler
Senior Head of IT Core Process Solutions, Hugo Boss