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  We will empower you and your team.

Relevant changes take place in projects: Project delays in essential, strategic issues cost money and put your company behind the competition.

We offer professional project management, be it classical or agile, managing partial or complete projects, owning products in part or fully. What makes us special is that we empower your staff and increase their self-efficacy.

Leading your project to success and at the same time expanding internal management competence through coaching in a living project—that is our credo. Benefit from our project management competence on the project and program level of ERP, OC and digital projects as well as our proven methods:

  • Focus on goals and results in each phase and zero in on the essentials.
  • Few and essential project rules are followed consistently.
  • Meeting efficiency based on good preparation and intensive moderation generates commitment in the team.
  • On-point management reporting saves time and money.
  • Targeted empowerment of internal project managers.
  • Support during contract negotiations through extensive comparison conditions and ensuring that you and your service providers have the same goals.

The projects benefited from the initiative, the team coaching, and the effective coordination with those responsible.

Andreas Buttler
Senior Head of IT Core Process Solutions, Hugo Boss

On the basis of our leadership and management skills, we exemplify team spirit, trust and appreciation, as well as the constructive handling of setbacks. As mountain guides we are part of the team and offer support and orientation through clear goals and agreements. This is how we facilitate personal growth.

And when things don’t go so well, we use our coaching expertise and a wealth of experience to get obstacles out of the way and restore the capacity to work and the will to perform among those involved in the project.

We will empower you and your team so that you no longer need us in the future.