DNA of the organization

  Cultural development

Why is the topic of cultural development a matter close to our hearts?

Values that are lived and shared are like the polar star in the sky – they give people orientation and security. In numerous cultural projects we develop “Polar Stars” with companies in the retail environment, taking into account the different perspectives of employees, customers, partners and companies. By developing a new, common corporate culture, we help companies grow together and create a spirit of optimism.

Culture is shaped and changed by action: in the event of a course correction, we develop the appropriate measures for this together with our clients.

What brings our clients ahead?

  • We advise on the selection of suitable methods for culture analysis.
  • We support with our expertise and experience in moderation and communication.
  • We condense the results.
  • We accompany and inspire the development of suitable measures and visible changes.

The projects benefited from the initiative, the team coaching, and the effective coordination with those responsible.

Andreas Buttler
Senior Head of IT Core Process Solutions, Hugo Boss