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  We make your organization strong.

In a complex, fast-paced world, a strong corporate culture provides strength, orientation and cohesion—and can thus become a competitive advantage. We have the tools and can support you in developing and implementing your corporate DNA.

New company foundation, acquisition, merger, change of business field or sales decline: these are strategic occasions to deal with the culture and values of your company. Especially in situations of change, a strong culture acts as a compass, reduces friction and helps to retain employees.

Make conscious use of corporate culture and attract employees who are willing to perform and who fit in with your company. You will actively influence the decision for an effective leadership style, for a special appearance towards customers and for shared values.

We will assess your corporate culture and work with you to identify the strengths and characteristics of your culture.

Our guiding questions:

  • Which aspects of the culture serve the company’s purpose?
  • What is to be preserved?
  • What should change in the future?

Based on the results, we will work with you to develop an implementation strategy with concrete measures for all areas of the company. In accordance with the well-known motto: Culture is created through examples and examples will set a precedent.

We will make your organization strong. Take advantage of the professional experience and diversity of our coaches as well as our industry expertise.

The projects benefited from the initiative, the team coaching, and the effective coordination with those responsible.

Andreas Buttler
Senior Head of IT Core Process Solutions, Hugo Boss