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  Ready for the next summit hike.

Invest in yourself and your employees: we offer seminars and workshops on selected topics, either in person or virtually. Receiving compact and bundled specialist knowledge as input, developing new skills and finding clarity in interaction with others—this is what we offer.

Our varied range of seminars covers the following main topics:

  • Women in male domains
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Team building & re-teaming
  • Change Management
  • Remote leadership for teams and team meeting moderation

We offer tried-and-tested methods and sound specialist knowledge in a trusting environment in which respect and the fun of learning characterize the atmosphere.

phase 5 brings the unobstructed view from the outside into strategically important projects and supports with valuable impulses.

Lars-Eric Pusch
Head of IT, INTERSPORT Deutschland eG

In our seminars and workshops we attach importance to

  • practical relevance and illustrative examples,
  • practical application and possibility to practice,
  • exchange and interaction among participants and
  • methods to take away and transfer into everyday life

Our trainers’ and coaches’ broad professional experience and diversity make for a special learning experience. We are happy to share our expertise out of conviction and will make you and your organization strong for the next summit hike in everyday life.