Competitive advantage

  Digitization of the value chain / I-Supply-Chain

What fascinates us about the I-Supply Chain?

Digitization offers the opportunity to completely rethink the entire value chain within the company. From product development to production and logistics to sales and marketing, almost all parts of the business processes can be optimized and supported using digital instruments. These fundamental changes have a major impact on most areas of a company and require a completely new way of working together. We are fascinated by the combination of technological and organizational change.

What inspires our clients?

  • We provide in-depth process knowledge and the end customer perspective, thanks to our many years of experience in retail.
  • We know the essential systems and their fields of application, especially PIM, PCM, CMS, MAM, DAM, MDM and CRM.
  • We share our network of service providers.
  • We use a tried and tested procedure for system selection: effective software evaluation with many templates and manageable criteria catalogs.
  • We manage the organizational change together with all stakeholders in an appreciative manner and support the creation of new roles.
  • We apply our coaching competence, coupled with our management and project experience.

We have benefited extensively from phase5’s experience, expertise and pragmatism.

Roland Neyton
Directeur Supply Chain, Wolf Lingerie