Change and future

  Restructuring and company mergers

What are our experiences with mergers or restructuring?

We support various software vendors and trading companies in mergers and restructurings. These can be closures, downsizings or the merging of companies or company branches. We get difficult and muddled situations back on track with open and appreciative communication. We advise on the support of employees who leave the company. By developing a new, common corporate culture, we help to shape the process of growing together and create a spirit of optimism. Our credo in all processes is respect for what has been achieved and humility for the new situation that people find themselves in. To us, the focus is on people with their diverse needs and the economically secure future of the company.

How do we empower our clients in the process?

  • Many years of leadership and management experience in comparable projects
  • Consulting competence and professional coaching
  • Orientation in crisis situations
  • Involvement of the management, executives and other stakeholders
  • Continuous measurement of activities through appropriate key performance indicators
  • Well-founded qualification of managers appropriate to the situation
  • Consulting on internal communication: media, timing, content
  • Appreciative communication: clear on the matter at hand, with an eye on the human being

phase 5 brings the unobstructed view from the outside into strategically important projects and supports with valuable impulses.

Lars-Eric Pusch
Head of IT, INTERSPORT Deutschland eG